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    COVID-19 pandemic has impacted real estate investment?

    Wondering whether the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted real estate investment in any way?

    Let’s begin with a simple question… Why Pune?

    Well, Why Not Pune?

    The city has consistently offered its patrons dynamic options which are irresistible.  Let’s have a sneek peek into what makes the city such a loved one.

    • Pune is the ‘second easiest city to live in’
    • Pune is the highest amongst all Indian cities in Mercer’s 21st annual Quality of Living Rankings released in 2019
    • Pune is at the top among 23 Indian cities as per the Annual Survey of India’s City Systems (ASICS) 2017, which measures the quality of governance in cities.
    • Pune emerged as the best-performing city in terms of Green Spaces and Buildings
    • Pune is the ‘oxford of the east’
    • Pune is considered one of the most important automobile and manufacturing hub in India.
    • Pune is widely regarded to be the second major IT hub of the country.
    • Pune now has its own metro

    As per the Gera Pune Residential Realty Report, it looks like the best time to buy a home in the city. While real estate has suffered a major setback due to the Coronavirus spread, the impact is likely to be short term. Developers and channel partners have been adopting newer strategies to keep their customers engaged and to keep the lead flow constant, thus driving higher demands.

    Considering a sudden growth in demand in the residential market, cash flow has increased significantly, with specific focus being on larger inventories- especially 4/5 BHK apartments and bungalow projects, the demand for which has witnessed 88% hike in comparison to 2019. Moreover, with23 villagesbeing merged in the city limits from the next fiscal, thegeneral body has proposed concession between 15% and 27% in the property tax to be imposed, thus helping the real estate market take an uptrend. On the western side, the growth has been subsequently higher with more developers focusing on expansion towards the major IT hub. More than 65% of the developer projects are located towards the west which has now led into micro markets being developed in the region.

    All in all, the market has shown a sharp recovery from the major dip that was seen during the covid times. The recovery rate seems to show a steady growth with ROI seeing steady growth as well.

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